Review: A Little Light Mischief by Cat Sebastian // Or, There’s Bedsharing Here

★★★★☆ | Sexy and important!

“You’ve made me fee like I deserve good things. And you’re the best thing of all.”

Title: A Little Light Mischief

Series: The Turner Series, #3.5

Author: Cat Sebastian

Publisher: Avon Impulse

Release Date: August 6th 2019

Pages: 96

Genres: Historical, Romance, Adult, LGBT


A reformed thief and a penniless lady. What those two could possibly want from each other? They don’t know either but they can’t stop wanting it. And after some secrets are revealed and a certain unwanted man makes an appearance — there will be time for a little light mischief!



Alice Stapleton — Alice had a busy life and now she has nothing but time for herself. And sometimes time to humour the Lady who took care of her and accompany her to parties. So, she spends her time trying to embodier tissues and not gawking at a certain maid, thank you very much. But what will happen if she is forced into her proximity?

Molly Wilkins — Molly is not ashamed of her past of thieving and sleeping around for some nice bracelet that would keep her fed for weeks. However, now she’s got a good job and wishes to live an honest life. She has a reason to. And this reason is why she must remember that seducing a proper Lady who is under the care of her employer is a bad idea. Well, bollocks.


Despite the differences in social position and character, Molly and Alice have enough in common to develop a deeper understanding and comradery so the undeniable sexual tension is not the only thing that brings them together. They have to work on their trust issues and share some of their secrets but in the end, they just seem to work together and work together. There is both: passion and understanding between them.


Both Molly and Alice experienced certain things that made their lives very difficult. Molly came from low and everything she owns she earned herself. She also has a person to provide for but she works so hard she barely sees them. Alice, turned away from her home, relies on the goodness of the Lady who took her in but has no perspectives of gaining any independence so she is constantly wary not to loose the roof over her head again.

Seeing them learn to trust each other and stand on their feet, while under the care of another strong but complicated woman, is truly a wonderful experience.

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