Review: Good Angel by A.M. Blaushild // Or, Due to the Tight Budget Heaven and Hell Only Have One School. Together.

This book is April’s Sapphic Book Club read hosted by @sapphicliterature.

“Humans are good.”

“I know that, Blue. We literally exist to serve them.”

“Yeah, but…” Iofiel was all at once too overwhelmed to think. “I love them.”

★★★☆☆ | The beginning of this book got me invested instantly and I loved how it ended but I struggled with the middle for about 20 days… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Title: Good Angel

Series: Good Angel, #1

Author: A.M. Blaushid

Publisher: self-published

Release Date: August 22nd 2017

Pages: 325

Genres: Fantasy, YA, LGBT


Iofiel is an angel who befriends an imp and makes some unangelic decisions because of it. Also, there’s The Apocalypse happening at some point.

What I liked:
Iofiel — she’s curious and energetic and her feelings are So Intense..
★ at the beginning Maalik annoyed me a bit but this pink eyed crop-top loving boy grew on me…
DAMIEN AND SANTIAGO — they were amazing both as a couple and as individuals: they had marvellous chemistry and I liked little things about them like Damien’s love of poetry
★ Damien and Santiago being basically a married couple
MORNINGSTAR — I know that he hates me along with all humans but every scene with him was enjoyable
I’m cheering for demons in this one and it shows…
★ I liked that angels were supposed to be triple-A by default (agender-asexual-aromantic) since their society is constructed differently
★ this book is a meme factory and the dialogues were hilarious pretty often
worldbuilding was great actually? I’m not big on angel stories but I liked this concept

What I didn’t like:
Iofiel? — some of her decisions started to annoy me.. I get that she started as a naive soul but for how long you can be like this… I feel like for some time she got too little development
Archie — at times I felt that he was ok but I can’t recall much of his personality besides being whiny?
☆ I felt like a lot of stuff were repeated again and again… Like, sometimes paragraphs contained the same info as the paragraph above and some things kept running in circles…
☆ most of Maalik/Iofiel? — I kind of liked them by the end but at the beginning I felt like they had a sibling dynamics and it was awkward for a while…
☆ for an agender-by-default society there weren’t much of agender angels that were central to the story
☆ it may be a meme factory but still some of the jokes fell flat… I hate when things try to be funny and end up opposite and I had some of those moments in here
☆ this Apocalypse thing took a while to unravel and with all the side angel/demon school stuff I feel like I didn’t ‘get’ everything

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