Review: The Art of Escaping by Erin Callahan // Or, Escapology but from Social Expectations. (Actually, Regular Escapology is Here as Well)

★★★★★ | A great summer read about finding yourself, your people, and the courage to live your life true to yourself.

Title: The Art of Escaping

Author: Erin Callahan

Publisher: Amberjack Publishing

Release Date: June 19th 2018

Pages: 320

Genres:  Contemporary | YA | LGBT


I thought so long about a sufficient review for this book but all what comes to my mind is ‘so so good’, ‘I love it so much’, and ‘I want to read it again!!’ Which is amazing because I don’t usually feel the need to reread things but, yeah, not good enough for a review. So, I’m gonna try something new!

What this book made me FEEL??
✨like sun rays are shining on my face through really dark clouds
✨like I were dreaming
✨so so motivated to find something I LOVE and start DOING IT
✨also, motivated to open up to people
✨like, no matter what, I will find my place in the world
✨so so AMAZED by the escapology!! It’s such a niche subject I’m glad this book gave me a possibility to get to LOVE it!!

What this book have that I LOVED??
✨Mattie!! She’s so complex and she pursues her goal even though she’s So Scared!! And it influenced so many people including me!!
✨Will! At first I thought he’s just another privileged boy but I ended up feeling his fears, his growth, his fears again!!
✨woman in a position of mentor!!
✨Miyu is allowed to be complex and not perfect and still be a great mentor!!
✨how the legend became human
✨nicknames!!! or rather stage names!!
✨chosen family trope
✨but also really interesting born family dynamics
✨great parallels between Mattie and Will
✨the parallels still acknowledge how different their situation are
✨no focus on love life
✨character development! They all gained so much and went a really long way throughout this story!
✨great representation of mental illnesses! I can’t say much about Miyu’s agoraphobia but Mattie’s anxiety and her brother’s depression really connected with me and I related a lot
✨coming out scenes are so well-done! I won’t say too much about it so I won’t spoil it but it was great!
✨I loved the use of diary entries and text messages!
✨the writing style!! I was turning pages so fast!!
✨I thought I’m gonna go through it just turning pages and smiling at my phone but in the end I couldn’t hold it and teared up at the last pages

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