Review: Warp Gate Concerto by Dorian Graves // Or, SPACE. SIRENS.

★★★,5☆ | A song can bring love or death. What will it be this time?

“A double edged sword, then.”

“No metaphor’s more apt for love.”

Title: Warp Gate Concerto

Author: Dorian Graves

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: July 22nd 2019

Pages: 118

Genres:  Science Fiction | Space Opera | LGBT


  • Poly Romance (FFM+NB)
  • Amputee, Blindness, & Chronic Pain Rep
  • Space Sirens
  • Soulmates

Nulani, Ashua, and Silna are Psyrens — a race of aliens with an ability to control others with their singing. A race which also finds their Soulmates by Harmonisation — singing in perfect harmony. Which Nulani, Ashua and Silna did do and which forced them to be on a run from their oppressive homeland.

But their homeland does not stay away and when they’re forced to crash-land on a strange planet they will find pain-eating scientists, dangerous fauna and flora, and… a new soulmate?



There are many alien species in the story — captain of the trio’s ship who’s a symbiosis of two sentient beings, pain-eating scientists, a bunch of furrier ones with some major issues — but the main characters are Psyrens. They can affect minds with their singing and they also find their soulmates with the use of it.

Psyrens also gain new mouth to sing with when they are wounded. New mouths make them more powerful but also it’s a fine line to walk between just enough mouths for more power and too much of them and losing themselves to the insanity of it.


The trio travels through space in a pirate ship but after the Coalition takes it over they are forced to flee and they crush-land on a remote planet. They also get separated. Ashua ends up following a voice of another Psyren which sends him straight into hands of pain-eaters. Nulani and Silna need to force their way through unknown territory with its strange wild beasts and find their mate.

All they want is to escape the Coalition and live their life together. However, as soon as they hear the song of Kozrin they have another thing on their to-do list.

“Harmonizing didn’t happen between any random Psyrens. Harmonizing was a gift from the First Singers, only attainable between Psyrens with the potential to sing in-sync.”

Usually, I’m sceptical when it comes to ‘insta-love’ but this story felt more like learning about mating cycles or culture of another species than naive I-love-yous a day after the first meeting. The bond the Psyrens form while Harmonising with their soulmates makes them instantly care about the other and their well-being even if they don’t care about themselves. The initial trio had a strong past together but the whole group has interesting chemistry.

The frequent POV switches made me feel like I was watching a movie but they weren’t so frequent to make me lose the sense of what’s happening which is often a very thin line to walk so that’s a big plus.


The Psyrens seem to have two things that motivate them. The first is their relationship and keeping their loves safe. Because of the Harmonisation Psyrens have a strong instinct to protect their mates. Their home planet uses it as a war tactic as it’s impossible not to fight with your mates beside you but it also works against them if the mate you meet is wanted dead. In this case, nothing is too big to sacrifice.

Their second motivation is that it’s…


The home planet Psyrens are running away from uses them and their care for their mates to fight endless wars. It took much effort to stand up to this indoctrination but they’d rather die fighting than spend one more day with this unjust system.

“Always. Unless your plan involves you having a blaster.”

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3 thoughts on “Review: Warp Gate Concerto by Dorian Graves // Or, SPACE. SIRENS.

  1. What an interesting way to meet your soulmate! Unfortunately I can’t sing a tune… so that probably wouldn’t be the best method for me to meet someone 😂 I love the idea of it though – especially travelling space in a pirate ship. What’s not to love about that? What was your rating for this book? Great review! 😊

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