Mo Dao Zu Shi — Names Guide #mdzs

Hello everyone!

Today I have something for you from 魔道祖师 by 墨香铜臭 // Mo Dao Zu Shi by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu translated by K @ Exiled Rebels Scanlations.

Below you have the blurb from Goodreads but beside the novel there are also many adaptations and Silvia talks about them in detail @ Silvia Reads Books.

Anyway! What I have for you is a neat guide to the most important characters in the novel!

If you want to use my neat graphic somewhere, please, ask me and link me if I give you permission.

🔖 The Founder of Diabolism (Mo Dao Zu Shi) by 墨香铜臭

43188345._SX318_As the grandmaster who founded demonic cultivation, Wei WuXian roamed the world in his wanton ways, hated by millions for the chaos he created. In the end, he was backstabbed by his dearest shidi and killed by powerful clans that combined to overpower him.

He incarnates into the body of a lunatic who was abandoned by his clan and is later, unwillingly, taken away by a famous cultivator among the sects—Lan WangJi, his archenemy.

This marks the start of a thrilling yet hilarious journey of attacking monsters, solving mysteries, and raising children. From the mutual flirtation along the way, Wei WuXian slowly realizes that Lan WangJi, a seemingly haughty and indifferent poker-face, holds more feelings for Wei WuXian than he is letting on…

Yes, I didn’t include Mo XuanYu’s family because, from the bottom of my heart, yikes…
I’ve made Yicheng Arc separate because the first pic was complex already.

Did you find that helpful? 


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11 thoughts on “Mo Dao Zu Shi — Names Guide #mdzs

  1. Oops I forgot to reply yesterday after replying on twitter! This is very helpful and I hope it will make people curious to check out mdzs eheh (also, I wish I had this graph when I was first starting out ahahaha ♥)

    Thank you again, lovely! ♥

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  2. Ooh this is such a great visual! Definitely helpful for people starting MDZS – I love how you have set this up! (Definitely agree to the yikes with the Mo family!) such a great book! 😊

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