Mini Reviews: NG Hell Yes, Hell No, And Meh?

Hello y’all! Today I have some reviews of graphic novels I got from Net Galley lately! 

Needless to say, I only enjoyed one of them…

🔖 Hotel Dare by Terry Blas, Claudia Aguirre | ★★★★,5

41223637The many doors to finding a family.

Hotel Dare is a story about the family of Dares — related by blood or acquired by other means. When three siblings visit their grandma in Mexico they stumble upon a certain family secret which will bring them on an adventure as well as bring them together.

It’s a hilarious exploration of family relations — growing together and apart and together again. The secrets and magic and Aztec beliefs all tie together in a magnificent way and nothing seems out of place no matter how absurd it may be. The ridiculous hotel, the bearded society, strange puffballs, and a space ship? In one story? Oh, yes. And it’s all amazing, trust me.

Also, the family dynamics? A queer older sister, a soft shy middle kid brother, and a troublemaker youngest girl? Magnificent. But then it also gives me a stern but loving grandmother who’s more badass than any of us can ever dream to be?? Ma’am, you own my soul…

Anyway, Hotel Dare is a great story for the whole family — full of laughs, bonding, and gorgeous art!!

🔖 Minus by Lisa Naffziger | ★☆☆☆☆ 

44075549*deep sigh* What the fuck?? (SPOILERS)

I hate writing 1-star reviews but this is just so problematic…

Is kidnapping children suddenly okay just because the kidnapper didn’t abuse the child? Not to mention, it’s a white man kidnapping a Native girl and the moral is she was happier with him than with her biological father who went batshit crazy AFTER SOMEBODY KIDNAPPED HIS FRICKING CHILD???!!! Yeah, I would go on a murder rampage myself…

A reminder of that Indigenous children faced and still face extreme violence when taken away from their families

Also, the story didn’t really hold up — there were just so many coincidences?? How is that even supposed to be believable?

The art was ok, I guess.

🔖 Rose: A Double Life by Valérie Vernay, Denis Lapière, Émilie Alibert | ★★,5☆☆


A quick and easy read. Nothing more though.

Rose has been able to ‘double’ herself and leave her body since she was a kid. Now that her father was just murdered she uses it to find more about what has happened to him.

The concept is interesting but I felt nothing special about it. There’s a mystery. A man who’s officially responsible for the investigation. Some supernatural happenings. Her father’s secrets.
— In other words, a basic mystery.

I liked the art though — it’s a bit simplistic but just the appropriate amount and the play with colours while Rose ‘walks’ out of her body is interesting.

All in all, it’s not something groundbreaking but if you’re not in a mood for anything heavy, it’s not the worst half an hour to spent either.

What book did you love? What book did you end up hating recently? What was super basic?


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7 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: NG Hell Yes, Hell No, And Meh?

  1. Hotel Dare sounds great!! Minus though… just nope. I honestly don’t get how some books can have such sensitive content that’s not treated respectfully. Great mini reviews though! Jen

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