#SapphicSaturday Wrap Up

Hello everyone! How’s your weekend? Yesterday I was participating in #SapphicSaturday organised by Arin @ Tomes of Our Lives and Brittany @ Brittany the Book Guru. It’s a 24h  readathon on @sapphicsaturday twitter and you should join us next month!! 

Ok, so I managed to read 3 books!! (Ok, it was 2 volumes of graphic novels and one short story but everything counts!)

🔖 Yagate Kimi Ni Naru (Bloom into You) vol. 8 by Nio Nakatani ||★★★★★|| GR

02_1107457_2824_2048SUMMARY: A charming love story about two young women who together discover that their dreams of a heart-pounding romance can indeed come true–now with an anime! Yuu has always loved shoujo manga and fantasizes about the day that she too will get a love confession that will send her heart a-flutter. Yet when a male classmate confesses his feelings for her…she feels nothing. Disappointed and confused, Yuu enters high school still unsure how to respond. That’s when Yuu sees the beautiful student council president Nanami turn down a suitor with such maturity and finesse that Yuu is inspired to ask her for advice. But when the next person to confess to Yuu is the alluring Nanami herself, has Yuu’s shoujo romance finally begun?




THIS WAS SO SOFT!!! It was one of the first not-male-gazey yuri manga I’ve found and I’m super sentimental about it but also IT’S SO GOOD!! It explores various relationships and Yuu seems to be a-spec and we also get another aro/ace character later on and Nanami is such a complex character as well! I’m!! So happy!! I loved the ending so much and I loved them so much! Y’all have to read it!

🔖 Sunstone vol. 1 by Stjepan Šejić ||★★★★★|| GR

23294727._SY475_SUMMARY: «Sexual nerds. That is what BDSM people are, behind all the pretense…»From critically-acclaimed creator Stjepan Šejić (Death Vigil, Ravine, Aphrodite IX, Witchblade) comes Sunstone, a love story like no other. Lisa’s tastes were always…unique. Longing to be restrained, without restrain. Lisa always felt like something was missing from her love life─until she met Ally. Ally was implacably ordinary─successful job, nice house, an average childhood─except for her preference for bedroom domination. Originally posted on DeviantArt, this books collects the first volume of the often erotic, always amusing, and surprisingly heartfelt Sunstone.




Ok, so I’m getting super into BDSM books even though it was never my secret fantasy or anything. But I just love how characters communicate and are open about their desires? Like, don’t get me wrong, it’s super hot and I love good smut but it’s also aftercare and kink negitiations and just regular geeking out. And the art here is gorgeous!!!

🔖 Waiting on a Bright Moon by J.Y. Yang ||★★★★☆|| GR

35395539._SY475_SUMMARY: Xin is an ansible, using her song magic to connect the originworld of the Imperial Authority and its far-flung colonies— a role that is forced upon magically-gifted women “of a certain closeness”. When a dead body comes through her portal at a time of growing rebellion, Xin is drawn deep into a station-wide conspiracy along with Ouyang Suqing, one of the station’s mysterious, high-ranking starmages




I’m gonna read all free sapphic tor.com short stories, just you see. I’ve meant to read this one for a while but somehow never got to it until now. I’m also buddy reading another thing by this author AND I’M LOVING IT. This was super interesting amd I loved it as well but also it was harder to connect? I think that’s because it’s written in 2nd person narration and I don’t read that too often so I was the one at fault here.


📚 Books: 3
📃 Pages: 379

Did you participate in Sapphic Saturday? Will you next month?

Have you read any of those books?


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12 thoughts on “#SapphicSaturday Wrap Up

  1. Ahh, I’m so glad you participated! And even more glad you made this post because I LOVE reading wrap ups for the readathon! 😍😭 You did SO well! 3 books is amazing (and you’re 100% right- everything counts!!!). I managed three as well and I’m completely shocked because I was honestly thinking beforehand that I would only get many one audio finished 😅 I can’t wait to see you how the next one goes for you! Thank you so much for joining ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, you did so well too! Congrats!! ❤
      I wanted to read at least one regular novel but I was in one of those moods when it's just hard to commit to anything lol. Maybe next time! Graphic novels and short stories are good as well and I had those on my TBR for a while.
      Thanks for organising those! I can't wait for the next one! 😀


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