Review: Safe Passage by Rachel Ford // Or, Be Gay Do Crimes (But Only as a Revenge to an Evil Organisation because You’re a Good Person)

★★★★☆ | Gays in space? Gays in space!

“You’re insane.”

“We’ve already established that.”


Title: Safe Passage

Series: Black Flag, #1

Author: Rachel Ford

Publisher: self-published

Release Date: May 19th 2019

Pages: 337

Genres: Sci-Fi // Space Opera // LGBT

sapphic Book Club (2)

This book is October’s Sapphic Book Club read hosted by @sapphicbookclub.


goodreads-add-e1547065951898🌙  f/f; bi MC
🌙  space heist
🌙  fricking hilarious
amazing banter
lowkey enemies to lovers

Go big or go home. For privateer Captain Magdalene Landon, it’s all about going big. For Kay Ellis, it’s about getting home. Together, they’re about to architect the most daring heist in the galaxy.

Kay knows too much. She knows it’s a matter of time before a Conglomerate hitman finds her. She’s desperate for safe passage back to Union space.

Then Magdalene shows up, promising a way home in exchange for that information. It’s a risky bet, but Kay is out of options. So she strikes a deal: the heist of the century for her freedom.
Kay is playing a dangerous game, and she knows it. She’s made herself Enemy Number One of the Conglomerate. She’s relying on privateers for her safety. It’s a fool’s game. But the worst part is, her fool’s heart is starting to warm to the enigmatic captain. And that’s a risk for which she hadn’t planned.



It was the FUNNIEST sapphic book I’ve ever read! The banter hit off from the start and there was a nice side character who could always loosen up the mood.

The light writing style was superb and I was so surprised when I realised this was self-published! The writing was so neat and clean I’m still marvelling about it!


I LOVE HEIST PLOTS! And it was a pretty good heist? Some minor things required a certain amount of suspension of disbelief but it was an acceptable amount and the book wasn’t written in a serious tone so you naturally let more things slide. 


The ship had chemistry from the first interaction. I basically felt electricity on my skin. Seriously, Magdalene is so badass and hot and Kay just keeps pushing her buttons! Please, more.

Though, I felt the chemistry was just a bit blander after they got together? Just… all this crying didn’t do it for me. I’m not very in touch with my emotional side though so… Yeah. may be a me problem.

I also loved Katrine’s relationship with Frank — I liked that even though she was stuck on a ship with a limited crew she still had other romantic options than magdalene and just another close person because having zero support system (other than the LI) is always a little ehhhh? with me.


Ok, let’s break it apart on what I LOVED — mainly, Katrine’s realisation that she has a crush on a woman for the first time and just rolling with it. No time for gay angst. We are chasing girls like it’s not a big deal here. A hero.

And now onto some details I didn’t enjoy.

  • the whole attempted rape. I felt like it was used as a plot device more than legitly approaching the subject and it bugged me
  • idk, it felt like Magdalene was slightly biphobic for a moment? 
  • I feel like sci-fi and alien stuff is a good way to explore genders and different takes on them in different species but it was… super binary
  • there was a few references to a polyamorous species that painted polyamory in a very negative light
  • you have aliens but I don’t think there were any POC?


There were a few hiccups but it was a very enjoyable read. I laughed a lot and the sapphic content was *chef’s kiss*

“Well,” Landon was saying, “what do you think, Kate?”

“Katrine,” I reminded her. “And about what? The soup?”

“No. But, wow, that looks disgusting. What are those lumps?”


  • Have you read Safe Passage? Do you want to?
  • What’s the funniest sapphic book you’ve read?


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