Theme Thursday — 🎨 Artsy Characters 🎨

Hello everyone! 

Last month I suggested Sophie the theme for November’s Theme Thursday and she agreed!

So, we’re doing Artsy Characters to commemorate Inktober in last month and NaNoWriMo in this.

But what is art? 

I simplified it to three categories: 🎨 everything painted/drawn/etc, ✒️ literature, and 🎼 music; but art is so much more!

Sculptures, pottery, waving….! There are so many ways to create art.

Please, share your way with me! 

Theme Thursday is a new monthly feature created by Sophie @ Blame Chocolate where bloggers can share recs and newly found books featuring that month’s theme.


🎨 You’re Welcome, Universe
by Whitney Gardner



When Julia finds a slur about her best friend scrawled across the back of the Kingston School for the Deaf, she covers it up with a beautiful (albeit illegal) graffiti mural.

Her supposed best friend snitches, the principal expels her, and her two mothers set Julia up with a one-way ticket to a “mainstream” school in the suburbs, where she’s treated like an outcast as the only deaf student. The last thing she has left is her art, and not even Banksy himself could convince her to give that up.

Out in the ’burbs, Julia paints anywhere she can, eager to claim some turf of her own. But Julia soon learns that she might not be the only vandal in town. Someone is adding to her tags, making them better, showing off—and showing Julia up in the process. She expected her art might get painted over by cops. But she never imagined getting dragged into a full-blown graffiti war.

This is a story about the power of FRIENDSHIP, a DEAF girl forced to attend a school where she’s an outcast, and a GRAFFITI WAR!

Julia may seem like an angry cynical girl but there’s a lot of things in her life to be angry and cynical about. Her friend turned her in. Her new school is full of hearing people who do not understand her. Her art — while exciting — must stay secret.

That’s wht it takes a while to start trusting people again.

You’re welcome, Universe is a bit cheesy but it’s also full of passion and ART!!

✒️ Autoboyography
by Christina Lauren



Three years ago, Tanner Scott’s family relocated from California to Utah, a move that nudged the bisexual teen temporarily back into the closet. Now, with one semester of high school to go, and no obstacles between him and out-of-state college freedom, Tanner plans to coast through his remaining classes and clear out of Utah.

But when his best friend Autumn dares him to take Provo High’s prestigious Seminar—where honor roll students diligently toil to draft a book in a semester—Tanner can’t resist going against his better judgment and having a go, if only to prove to Autumn how silly the whole thing is. Writing a book in four months sounds simple. Four months is an eternity.

It turns out, Tanner is only partly right: four months is a long time. After all, it takes only one second for him to notice Sebastian Brother, the Mormon prodigy who sold his own Seminar novel the year before and who now mentors the class. And it takes less than a month for Tanner to fall completely in love with him.

Being queer in a super conservative place is not easy.

It doesn’t get any easier when you develop a crush an the Mormon pastor’s son.

And it certainly doesn’t help if you have four months to write a novel but all you can think about is a certain kind smile and blue eyes. 

Yeah, Tanner is having the wildest writer’s block possible.

🎼 A Duet for Invisible Strings
by Llinos Cathryn Thomas

48406793._SY475_ (1)goodreads-add-e1547065951898


Heledd, leader of the first violins, has been in love with her irrepressible conductor Rosemary for years.

She’s keeping a secret that means she can never be with Rosemary, but the time they spend working and performing together is enough for her – until a near miss with a speeding car forces her to reevaluate everything she thought she knew.

When the orchestra is mysteriously summoned to perform in the Welsh village where Heledd grew up – a village she hasn’t returned to in decades – the life she’s made for herself begins to unravel, and her secrets threaten to escape.

Music, two middle-aged ladies and magic. What else could a person wish for?

Apparently, less magic and more of a certain middle-aged lady. 

Heledd and Rosemary have been in each other’s lives for years but now that blissful time may run out before they even can admit their feelings for each other.

What will they be willing to sacrifice to stay together?

And what part will music play in all that?


goodreads-add-e1547065951898🎨 I Kissed Alice
by Anna Birch


goodreads-add-e1547065951898🎨 The Blind Side of Love
by Ingrid Díaz


goodreads-add-e1547065951898🎨 Ink in the Blood
by Kim Smejkal


goodreads-add-e1547065951898✒️ Final Draft
by Riley Redgate


goodreads-add-e1547065951898✒️ Pulp
by Robin Talley


goodreads-add-e1547065951898✒️ The Poet X
by Elizabeth Acevedo


goodreads-add-e1547065951898🎼 A&B
by J.C. Lillis


goodreads-add-e1547065951898🎼 I Was Born for This
by Alice Oseman


goodreads-add-e1547065951898🎼 A Song for a New Day
by Sarah Pinsker



  • What books with artsy characters have you read? And what do you want to read?
  • How do you express yourself artistically?
  • Leave links to your TT as well!


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