What was said about books — BOOKISH QUOTES DEAR TO OUR HEARTS

Hello, darlings! 

I’ve mentioned in my blogging goals this year that I wish to do more collaborations this year and this is a collaboration post with George @ Ink for Thought.

About George:

My name is George and I’m a book maniac who grabs every spare (and sometimes not so spare) moment to devour my next read – from the back of a cereal box to a history textbook. I play the violin as a hobby and I enjoy travelling.

So, there are lots of books that embrace their wisdom in a very special way, the quotes.

This post contains some of the most meaningful quotes that we found in the art of literature!



Do you know that feeling when you connect with a book and start to think that in a sense it is your book? When you talk to someone who also read it and it feels like they are glimpsing into your soul? Yeah.


I love finding niche stories. Not every story has the privilege to survive. Does that mean it was somehow less meaningless? Or was it just lost in time? A hidden gem that slipped through history’s fingers…


This is something I feel too much. I desperately want to be a part of something. An adventure. A romance. A mystery. 

Something, anything that will catch my breath and make me feel alive.


Every moment is a story in a way. Lives are stories, days are stories, smiles are stories and tears are stories. Change one and the world is a different place.


Stories create empathy. Stories make you aware of other people’s struggles. That’s why we’re advocating for diverse books. Not only so every person can see themselves in a story but also so others see they’re not the only ones allowed to take up space.


Every story suffers when stagnant. In order to keep it alive, you must be able to keep things moving. Indecision is what kills you. 

Stories are something that reminds that we need to keep pursuing something to thrive.


A change is not the end. A change is the beginning.

As someone living with constant anxiety and always afraid to make that first step — this is something I need to keep reminding myself.


It is impossible to write a story that will satisfy all. But all will find a story just for them. 

It’s okay. You’ll find one for you.


You can make me live in shackles but what I imagine is mine. You can bar me from your circle but what I create is mine. No amount of restraints will make me give up my thought, my dreams, my stories.


Those books, which speak to you. Which let you get to know you. Your personal favourites or those, which you despised because they hit too close to home.

They make you feel known. Somehow invaded but less alone. Wondering if you’re just projecting your issues or maybe it’s a bit more universal than you thought.

Those books.


  • What quotes about books and/or reading do YOU love?
  • Are they perhaps the same as mine?
  • Would you like to see more pretty quotes at my blog?


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