NetGalley & Edelweiss Challenge Update I

Hello Darlings!

Yet another quaterly update for my 2020 challenge. This time we’re talking ARCs. 

Do you also request lots of stuff and then rush to finish it? Well, sometimes there’s too many interesting ARCs and too little time. I know.

But I’m trying to fix my pile a bit and I think I’m getting it right.

*This challenge was created by Emily@Falling for YA, then moved to Katrina@Bookish Things & More (site no longer available) and now it resides here at Reading Between the Pages.


Watercolor the Easy Way by Sara Berrenson || Review

Life Drawing for Artists by Chris Legaspi || Review

Love Is for Losers by Wibke Brueggeman || Review

The Grim Assistant by Jodi Hutchins || Review

The Avant-Guards, Vol. 1 by Carly Usdin, Noah Hayes || Review

Our Dreams at Dusk, vol 2 by Yuhki Kamatani || Review

Our Dreams at Dusk, vol 3 by Yuhki Kamatani || Review

Our Dreams at Dusk, vol 4 by Yuhki Kamatani || Review

Dark and Deepest Red by Anna-Marie McLemore




  • What ARCs have you read this year?
  • Are you also taking part in this challenge?


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2 thoughts on “NetGalley & Edelweiss Challenge Update I

  1. I went on a request spree because my denial rate was pretty large, but then in a span of a week I was accepted for probably 8+ arcs? Traumatizing and invigorating all at once! I did manage to get through all but 3 so…progress, right?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, congrats!! I think they’re accepting more people because of the quarantine because I got more ARCs than I expected as well. And I’m amazed by you because I haven’t started any yet… I’m the worst!!


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