READING — How do I pick a book??

Hello Darlings!

I’m back with another discussion post and this time I want to talk about things that make me pick up a book!

So, let’s just jump into it!


Usually I just skip through everything I have available until I see something that catches my eye A.K.A. the thing I’m in a mood for.

Sometimes I’m feeling a particular genre or trope and search with that in mind — in rare ocassions I know what book I’m feeling but even then it’s usually something I can’t get at that moment lol. Other times I just look through my kindle, Scribd/Storytel, or whatever else I have access to at the time until something sticks.

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‘just click something and start reading’

I have also days when my reading capabilities are versatile enough to just pick something up and go with it. Usually, I go to my eARC folder and click whatever feels right.

I love those moods because that feels so productive and like I have enough mindspace for anything I can imagine. But. It’s rare.

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understimulation / overstimulation

There are times I have no idea what I’m in a mood for but my brain feels so understimulated I. NEED. A. BOOK.

I go with something light then becasue it’s easier to get into? So, romances, graphic novels, smut, or middle-grade are game then. I need something that’s not overwhelming but will fill in the space. Like brain popcorn or backgraund noise.

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gay content

That’s the most important one!

I don’t think I read straight books anymore. If so — rare ocassions. 

I mostly pick up books for the gay stuff. If something is queer, chances are I will want to read it at some point. Of course, I’m gay connoisseur so the quality is important as well but that’s the base cryterium. 

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‘i want to learn something!’

I love reading non-fiction. I don’t read enough of it, I think.


My favourite subjects are:

  • biology (human body, evolution, trees, bees, etc.);
  • space;
  • language;
  • feminism;
  • LGBTQ+ stuff.

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fav genres

It’s one genre. And it’s fantasy. Everything else I read for the gay content or to take a break from fantasy.

fav tropes

If it has:

  • enemies to lovers;
  • slow burn;
  • pining;
  • books about books;
  • found family;
  • dual timeline;
  • banter;
  • … (the list is long)

(and is queer) then it’s highly probable I will want to read it.

cleneasing my palate

Sometimes I will read so much fantasy the worlds start merging together or something.

Then I will look for more neutral books.

Like comtemporary romance or maybe non-fiction. Depends what I have avalable at the time but I NEED TO BREATHE!!

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to sum up

What affects my ‘picking up a book’ abilities?

  • availbility of titles, of course
  • MOOD — I legit cannot force myself to read a thing I’m not in the mood for
  • favourite genres and tropes
  • current mental health state
  • what I read before that


  • What makes you pick up a book?
  • Is your process as difficult as mine?


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16 thoughts on “READING — How do I pick a book??

  1. I like to go through my ARC folder too and just pick whatever feels right! Sometimes it’s for a book that’s still months away, but I think that’s okay because I’m still being productive haha.

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  2. I’m very much a mood reader! I wish I could just pick up any book and start reading right away, but I often have to pick up 3-4 before I settle on one that feels “right” for me.

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  3. Oh wow, this is funny because I’m writing a book with a sapphic, sort-of-enemies-to-lovers romance. And it’s fantasy. And they’re roommates. I’m a mood reader that is doomed to finish what I start, unless I absolutely cannot. It’s terrible because I end up procrastinating sometimes. As for what makes me pick up a book, almost anything witchy or whimsical. I also love unique and genre-defying stories that don’t take themselves too seriously, but still have depth.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, that sounds right up my alley!! Good luck!!
      Me too, DNFing is for better people TT-TT. Witchy and whimsical books are such a great mood, Elara!! I love witchy and whimsical ❤ And 'unique and genre-defying stories that don’t take themselves too seriously, but still have depth' is something I need more of in my life — they're great for uplifting my mood!

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  4. So many influences on what we choose to pick up next, hey! Usually I am also a big mood reader but I have to be less picky these days. Availability is currently playing a much larger role in my choices than I would like… if I am in a particular mood for something, I am limited to what’s in my library’s ebook collection. I also try to keep half an eye on new releases and pick those up before I forget how I excited I was when I first learnt about them.

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    1. Oh, availability is a sad sad party-popper here 😦 For now, I have Scribd so I forgot about it while writing this post but usually I’m limited to my ARCs and what I own. Don’t even have a reliable library with books that interest me here…

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  5. Great post, E 😍 As a mood reader the big go for me is definitely depending on my mood. It can be pretty frustrating sometimes especially when I don’t know what kind of mood I’m in. Sometimes picking something up at random works for a while but it’s also very rare (and the reason why my ARC mountain is now seemingly unscalable, welp)! I’m also way more likely to pick up a book with my fave tropes (like enemies-to-lovers, found families etc.) especially if they’re contemporary romances and fantasy 🥰

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    1. Thank you, Dini!! ❤ Mood reading can be great when you find That One book but usually I just stare at all the choices like which one??? which one are you feeling like reading you dumb picky brain??? for hours… So I feel you. We need mood rings that light up with the right title from our TBRs lmao!!


    1. I’m glad!! Yeah, I’m not loving it as well — I’ve been on a paranormal/historical romance binge lately and Scribd doesn’t have enough audiobooks in LGBT section of that kind… I ended up reading half of what I managed last month TT-TT Hope June is better for both of us!! ❤


  6. Another mood reader here! My biggest problem with it is the books availability. I mostly read queer books and my library don’t have that kind of books available. Well, there are a few but since I’m a mood reader most of the time they’re not the genres I’m in the mood for. Also I wish I can just like read anything I click on/pick up that easy… That’d be my most productive self ever!

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    1. Oh, availability sure is a problem! I don’t have ANY queer books in my library so I must use Scribd and such but it also doesn’t always have the things I’m in a mood for. Reading anything you pick up would surely make our lives much easier!! One day maybe lol ❤

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