Hello Darlings!

Today I have for you some mismatched queer books — a bit of romance, a bit of paranormal, some speculative fiction.

I hope you’ll enjoy!

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Casting Lacy, 3,5★

An adorable take on a fake relationship set in Hollywood — Quinn wants some help coming out to the world and her publicist sets up a crazy plan to find her a fake girlfriend. Only, Lacy is so much more than she had planned for — she is snarky, takes care of Quinn, makes demands, gets through Quinn’s shell, and makes more changes in Quinn’s life than she’s paid for.


A Study in Honor, 4★

A feminist Sherlock Holmes retelling with two queer black women as Janet Watson and Sarah Holmes set in the near-future USA during a 2nd civil war. I liked the writing style and the characters but I admit I got lost with the plot — not a huge reader of mysteries here.

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Heated Rivalry, 3★

I’m not big on sports so sports romance is a rarity for me but this one was kind of cute and I’m always happy to see some Slavic rep. It had enemies to lovers and friends with benefits tropes, lots of smut, and some banter here and there — overall pretty average but it’s a good in-between story.

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Fixer Upper, 3,5★

Nora inherits her aunt’s house — unfortunately, it’s quite in ruin, fortunately, there’s a hot contractor on the other side of the road. But will she convince Avery to give a shot at this relationship when she barely learned to stand on her own feet? Adorable & sexy.


Fallible Justice, 4★

A great paranormal mystery set in Old London where magical beings live among humans and try to coexist with them to a degree — depending on the position & their place in the hierarchy. Yannia Wilde — a bi/pan woman suffering from a genetic condition that brings her chronic pain, and an escapee of a restrictive Wild Folk conclave — works a case that may disturb already shaky human-paranormal relations. (The rest of the series is equally good)

35080593. sy475

Widdershins, 3★

An m/m historical paranormal romance with two touch-starved lonely men who work on a case of a murder brought together by a mysterious book written in a cipher. I found myself skimming a bit and the romance progressed somehow fast but I’m still curious as to the rest of the series — I liked the characters and it had its moments.


  • Have you read those books? What did you think of them?


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