READING — Falling in Love with a Genre You Thought You Hated

Hello Darlings!

Finally, I am back on track with discussion posts! Today we’ll talk about changing your attitude to a genre you previously hated — in my case, anything historical.

Recently I changed something in my reading habits — I changed a lot of things actually but let’s focus on this one specific thing. One thing at the time, right??

Well, then.

**drum rolls**

I started reading HISTORICAL FICTION

princess leia what GIF by Star Wars

(Mainly Historical LGBTQ+ Romances but shhh…)

I always thought — Historical Fiction — well, what about it, right?? Awful hygiene, and if you’re not a white straight cis man you’re fucked. I would still read fantasy based on some time in history, sure, but my reasoning was at least you get magic out of it so it was okay?

And like that, I avoided Historical Fiction like a plague (which looking at current events, could be avoided more honestly but I digress) for the longest time.

And, oh boy, how wrong I was to do it.

Season 3 Villanelle GIF by BBC America

Because, yes, it was the world of white straight cis men but you can read about other people, against all odds, making space for themselves.

I was so wrong to hate a thing I did not even try to understand. I admit. Guilty, guilty, guilty.

people religion GIF

I, the sinner of literature, am now making my amends by reading as much of this beautiful genre as possible.

Now that I’ve fallen in love with its sneakiness, lightheartedness, informativeness, and smart smart language I won’t be so quick to judge and dismiss.

I’ve learned my lesson.

trust me pout GIF by Married At First Sight Australia

Or maybe I just wasn’t ready to reach for it. What other genres will I fall in love with in the future??

How many pages are hidden away from me because I disregard the genre of their books?

Only time will tell.


  • And you, what genres do/did you avoid? Have you changed your mind about any of them??


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5 thoughts on “READING — Falling in Love with a Genre You Thought You Hated

  1. Wonderful discussion, E. 🧡 I don’t read historical fiction because it seems too hard??? — I’ve never tried though lol. I should try picking up one — I’m currently reading Daisy Jones & The Six and I think it counts!

    Previously, I didn’t read non-fiction at all and this year I’ve found myself leaning towards it — and I’ve found some amazing books I can relate to!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Nikita! ❤ I say historical fiction but I read mostly historical romance oof… But it's a romance genre I don't feel that guilty about? So still an improvement in my life. If you look at my sidebar I have a rec post with LGBTQ+ historical books so you can check those out 🙂

      Yes! Non-fiction can be amazing if you find the right books. I'm trying to read more of it this year as well ❤


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