Hello Darlings!

Today I have for you mostly historical gays but also some paranormal mystery.

I hope you’ll enjoy!


The Magpie Lord, 4★

AN intriguing historical paranormal mystery/romance with two men — one deeply wronged by the other’s family, the other in desperate need of the first one’s help. They clash but can’t help being drawn to each other — what will happen when they return to the place where it all started? (slight dom-sub, cw: attempted suicide, rape, murder)


Magic for Liars, 3,5★

Sarah Gaily’s works are always one of the kind thing that intrigues me but still, I have such a hard time getting through them — a personal thing, I think. Here, we have a non-magical fuck-up trying to get the magical story she feels she was deprived of while trying to solve a murder case at her magical sister’s school — only to be disappointed once again.


The Pursuit of…, 4,5★

For some reason, I’ve thought that the MCs would be smuggling the actual document of the independence when I got into this book, not recite and contemplate it but it didn’t make me love the thing any less. I loved the moral development Henry went through — from focusing on his own rights to apply those rights to other people and how John slowly learned to trust him without ever having to give up his rights or presenting himself as less than. Also, the chatterbox sunshine type/serious and quiet type pairings are my weakness!


The Soldier’s Scoundrel, 3,5★

A historical m/m romance between a gentleman back from war and a man born into a life of crime who had to fend for himself his whole life. They had great chemistry and amazing opposites attract vibes with some good banter along the line and all of this was wrapped up in two mysteries.


The Lawrence Browne Affair, 4★

A historical m/m romance between a reclusive ‘mad’ scientist and the Earl of Radnor, and a swindler and a conman running away from trouble. It was sexy, hilarious and again had my beloved opposites attract trope with one man being broody, scruffy, and, socially inapt while the other was put together, dazzling, and easily charming.


The Ruin of a Rake, 4★

While the 2nd book is still my favourite, I enjoyed this historical m/m romance between a proper social climber and a merchant, and a disgraced Lord shunned away from the society desperate to regain his reputation in order not to lose connection with his nephew. The whole series was a blast and filled me to my heart’s content with opposites attract and hate to love tropes so if you also have a weakness for them — go for it.


  • Have you read those books? What did you think of them?


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6 thoughts on “2 SENTENCE REVIEWS pt.6

  1. AHHH!!!!! I LOVE THIS SOO MUCHH!!! Sometimes short reviews do the trick!! LOVE THIS, E! And The Magpie Lord sounds awesomeee!!!! So glad you enjoyed it so much! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh you read The Turner series! I love those books, especially The Soldier’s Scoundrel — if you get the chance, listen to the audiobook, it’s FANTASTIC. Gary Furlong is one of my favourite narrators 💕
    Also I love the idea of 2 sentence reviews, how clever !!

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