5 Things I Love About Blogging

Hello Bookbloggers!

Today I am starting off a new, hopefully monthly, series on this blog — 5 Things I Love About. I’m starting vague with blogging and reading but I will go into more specific things like my favourite genres and tropes. Hope you’ll enjoy it!!

it helps me connect with people

Social anxiety is a huge problem for me so I don’t form friendships and by acquaintanceships easily.

Blogging makes things easier — we have a common goal here and a conversation topic.

I can just put my words out there and wait for people to either reply or not. I can peruse through posts, find the ones that intrigue me and just start a conversation.

And the people here have common interests with me and are vocal about it.

All this just makes it so much easier for me to talk to people and talking to people here makes it less stressful for me to talk to them in other contexts.

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it hones my writing skills

I love writing. I love English language.

Sadly, I rarely worked on those with noone to hold me accountable — more about it in the next point.

Writing for my blog is an amazing exercise — consistent and challenging as I want this blog to have the best content I can provide.

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as a constant in my life it helps with my mental health

Because of my mental health, it is hard for me to create habits and schedules.

My blog is both an exercise in that and a thing that I feel accountable for because I don’t want to disappoint anyone who spends time reading my thoughts.

It is also an outlet for my thoughts so they can leave my head and be shared with the world.

It feels therapeutic that I can say something and there are people listening.

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it makes me a better reader

Since I started blogging I read more, and I read more widely, and I read more diversely, and I read more carefully.

I always loved reading but blogging about it gave me a whole new dimension of accountability for what I read. I learned to read faster. I learned how to switch on and off my reviewer’s eye during reading. I learned to appreciate more genres. I learned to watch out for more and more diversity in the books I read.

There’re many reasons for it: I want to provide good and varied content for my blog, I read other blogs and reach for new books thanks to them, I try to grow as a person… But all in all, blogging and reading make each other flourish.



Because everyone needs it.

I know we all say we’re first of all blogging for ourselves but validation is important as well. Otherwise we would just write in a diary.

I love that the content I provide helps people and keeps people interested. I love when people keep coming back here. I love cute comments.

All that makes my day better and brings smile on my face.

No shame in saying that.

TheBleachDoctor's Plot Bunny Field | Page 450 | Sufficient Velocity


  • What do you love about blogging?
  • Do you like this idea for a series of discussion posts?


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20 thoughts on “5 Things I Love About Blogging

  1. I love this! Your blog is one of my favourites❤️ Blogging has also helped me improve my writing skills, I originally made my blog for that purpose and it’s helped so much 💞

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  2. Great post (omg that last Stitch gif 😍)! You do create some awesome content and this post is another one! I love the comfort of routine that blogging gives me and I absolutely agree that it has made me a better, or at least more conscious, reader. I think that’s also in large part because I’m more aware of the book community and discussions happening, but I can feel that change in my reading and it makes me so happy 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I’m honoured to hear that ❤ Yes, the the routine of writing your words down is so comforting! And agreed that being a concious reader is also tied up with being a part of bookish community — listening to other people is important here and their concerns 🙂


  3. This is a really great post! Is it okay if this becomes a meme and other bloggers make posts like this? I really love how you mention mental health among your reasons for book blogging because it is SO relatable for me, but I had never actually thought of it before. And yes, I’m very much in favor of you making a series of discussion posts 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Of course! I love when people get inspired by my posts. Tag me when you do it 😉
      I’m glad — mental health is a priority for me right now and blogging has been such a great way to keep it in check.
      I will definitely carry on with those! It was fun to write 🙂


  4. It’s lovely to read that blogging brings so many good things into your life! I also enjoy being able to connect with people. I don’t know enough people ‘IRL’ who like to read the same things I do, so blogging helps me find more readers with the same interests.

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  5. I LOVE this post, honey! ❤️✨ blogging has been a before and after in my life, it makes me feel so passionate, I love creating and planning content, always gets me SO excited & the possibility of interacting with so many wonderful people around the world who share my same passions is just beautiful 😍👏🏻

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  6. I love this post! Totally agree with everything, blogging is a really great writing exercise! And it is also a good way to practice English language if it’s not your native language.
    And I also feel like validation is important. We mainly write for ourselves but we also do that for the community. It’s the best feeling when you can start a conversation under a blog post.

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    1. Thank you, Fleur!! Yes, English is not my first language as well and blogging is a great way to practice it so I don’t forget what I learned at school 🙂
      Right? We’re social creatures and there’s no shame in that! It feels good to have your work appreciated! And I love starting conversations under blog posts! Best feeling ever!! 😀

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