Hi! I’m E. and I, as you can see, I blog about books.

I mostly read LGBTQ+ lit, fantasy, sci-fi, graphic novels, and poetry but I do venture outside those genres if something catches my eye.

I also write and will share my writing. Probably most of it will be poetry but I hope for some short stories as well.

Beside all that, I am also interested in languages. I am studying English and Translation. I speak Polish, English and some of Spanish. I hope to add to this list soon, too. I love science — mostly biology but anything cool, really. I recently got back to drawing so, in some time, examples of my art may start appearing here as well.

Review Policy — Currently submisions CLOSED until further notice

I have experience with reviewing ARCs from NetGalley, Edelweiss+, BookSirens, and SapphicBookClub.

I am open to receiving ARCs directly from authors as long as I have interest in them. I hate DNFing books and that means I may be stricter with choosing what to read but that also gives you 99% guarantee that I will read and review it. The 1% is reserved for unfortunate life happenings.

I am accepting e-books preferably in .mobi files (for graphic novels preferably .pdf files) as well as physical books but keep in mind that I’m an international blogger and currently reside in Poland.

If you expect the book to be read and reviewed by certain date please mention it so I can decide whether it would colide with my schedule.

Contact me on social media or email: pasternakewaa@gmail.com