April Wrap Up

Hello darlings! Yet another month went by! And it was a great month for this blog! I had the most views ever and I´m very happy with it. Thank you! I also nearly finished my GoodReads reading challenge. I´m only 5 books short! Should I rise it? A hundred is a number I told myself … Continue reading April Wrap Up

March On Blogosphere

Hello darlings! I am back with shouting out some of my favourite posts of last month. Give them a click and maybe you'll find someone new to follow! (click the pics for links!) Related post: March Wrap Up REVIEWS Emily @ Em Hoards Books and the review of Bonds of Brass by Emily Skrutskie Emily … Continue reading March On Blogosphere

February On Blogosphere

Hello darlings! So, this month I read an unusualy high ammount of reviews!  (This shouldn't be a surprise but, yes, they're all queer) Anyway, I'm sharing so many wonderful posts with you today! I hope you'll find them as fun & helpful as I did! And, how was your January?! (click the pics for links!) … Continue reading February On Blogosphere

December On Bloggosphere

Hello darlings! Last month I introduded sister posts to my wrap-ups -- On Bloggoshpere. Here I put on spotlight all the amazing posts by other bloggers which I read this month! (click the pics for links!) Related post: December Wrap Up REVIEWS Jess @ Jessticulates and her review of The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics … Continue reading December On Bloggosphere