(April to) August on Bloggosphere

Hello Darlings! Finally, I am back with shouting out your amazing posts!! In recent months I grew lazy and rarely saved the links so this is a weird collection of everything and anything. Hopefully, I'll do better next month! (click the pics for links!) REVIEWS 🐝 Both Ways by Ileandra Young by Hsinju @ Hsinju's … Continue reading (April to) August on Bloggosphere

August Wrap Up

Hello Darlings! How was your August?? Mine flew by so so fast! I can't even remember what was I doing. I've bought some new paints so hopefully next month I will finally have some art to show off. I've been slacking off with that and can't even say I remember how to paint... Anyway, this … Continue reading August Wrap Up

February On Blogosphere

Hello darlings! So, this month I read an unusualy high ammount of reviews!  (This shouldn't be a surprise but, yes, they're all queer) Anyway, I'm sharing so many wonderful posts with you today! I hope you'll find them as fun & helpful as I did! And, how was your January?! (click the pics for links!) … Continue reading February On Blogosphere