2020 Reading Wrap Up

Hello Darlings! It's been a while since I was here and I still won't be updating as often as I used to most probably but I wanted to sum up this hell of a year at least. Sorry for disappearing on you for so long but blogging's not on my mind lately and, as you … Continue reading 2020 Reading Wrap Up

September Wrap Up

Hello Darlings! How was your September? Personally, I didn't read much -- in numbers it's the least books I've read the whole year!! But also I read the longest book this year as well so it's not all bad. (Click pics for links) GoodReads challenge: Blog stats: 📌 Books read in September:   – PoC rep … Continue reading September Wrap Up

(April to) August on Bloggosphere

Hello Darlings! Finally, I am back with shouting out your amazing posts!! In recent months I grew lazy and rarely saved the links so this is a weird collection of everything and anything. Hopefully, I'll do better next month! (click the pics for links!) REVIEWS 🐝 Both Ways by Ileandra Young by Hsinju @ Hsinju's … Continue reading (April to) August on Bloggosphere