BOOK RECS — LGBTQ+ Retellings

Hello Darlings! I've worked on this post for a while but finally I can say I have for you a huge list of LGBTQ+ retellings! Disclaimer: I have only read a small part of them so I can't attest to their quality. Some of those are 2021 releases so be patient! classics Wilder Girls by … Continue reading BOOK RECS — LGBTQ+ Retellings

BOOK RECS — Sapphic Books for Critical Role Characters

Hello Darlings! So, beyond reading, I am a HUGE Critical Role fan and I decided that it finally has to make an appearance on my blog. And what would be better than to rec to the characters I love so much some SAPPHIC BOOKS?? Nothing. So, tune in for some geekness and gay! Molly Tealeaf … Continue reading BOOK RECS — Sapphic Books for Critical Role Characters

E’S WATCHING — Queer Asian Dramas

Hello Darlings! I've been watching some Asian dramas lately and I decided that I've seen enough to make a post about it. They were such a great distraction from the pandemic and all that, I probably owe them not succumbing into another depressive episode. Hope you'll enjoy! 2gether The Series 8/10 ⭐ | 13 eps … Continue reading E’S WATCHING — Queer Asian Dramas

BOOK RECS — Historical Gays

Hello Darlings! Recently I got into historical fiction (mostly historical romances) so I decided to make a rec list for you! Most of those books are what I've read and liked but I added some that are still on my TBR because why not. Mrs Martin's Incomparable Adventure by Courtney Milan The Pursuit of... by … Continue reading BOOK RECS — Historical Gays

BOOK RECS — Bisexual Rep

Hello Darlings! Today I have for you some books with bisexual characters I've read over years. Some of you may know that I am bisexual myslef so I'm always on the look-out for representation -- rec me your favs! YA 1. Ink in the Blood by Kim Smejkal 2. Radio Silence by Alice Oseman 3. … Continue reading BOOK RECS — Bisexual Rep

PRIDE MONTH — My Friends’ Favourites

Hello Darlings! Today I have something special for you! Since we have Pride, I asked three of my friends to share one of their favourite LGBTQ+ books. I reccommend you things constantly and it may feel I get repetitive after a while so this time I'll stay silent and let them speak! Anastasia: M/M | … Continue reading PRIDE MONTH — My Friends’ Favourites

BOOK RECS — 5 Books to Gayly Dissociate at 5 am with

Hello darlings! You know this mood when you're sad but you just keep listening to sad songs like that will help and not make it worse? Yeah, I'm really into books like that. Books that are melancholic and kind of dreamy BUT they also have to end on a somehow happy note because I am … Continue reading BOOK RECS — 5 Books to Gayly Dissociate at 5 am with

Theme Thursday — 🎨 Artsy Characters ðŸŽ¨

Hello everyone!  Last month I suggested Sophie the theme for November's Theme Thursday and she agreed! So, we're doing Artsy Characters to commemorate Inktober in last month and NaNoWriMo in this. But what is art?  I simplified it to three categories: 🎨 everything painted/drawn/etc, ✒️ literature, and 🎼 music; but art is so much more! … Continue reading Theme Thursday — 🎨 Artsy Characters ðŸŽ¨