Hello Darlings! Today I have for you some contemporary romances, paranormal activities, and mysterious woods. Enjoy! Witchbane, 3★ This is basically what would happen in Supernatural if Sam had died and Dean instead of trying to revive him and mess up the whole world found a boyfriend with whom he's fallen in love in less … Continue reading 2 SENTENCE REVIEWS pt.7


Hello Darlings! Today I have for you mostly historical gays but also some paranormal mystery. I hope you'll enjoy! The Magpie Lord, 4★ AN intriguing historical paranormal mystery/romance with two men -- one deeply wronged by the other's family, the other in desperate need of the first one's help. They clash but can't help being … Continue reading 2 SENTENCE REVIEWS pt.6


Hello Darlings! Today I have for you some mismatched queer books -- a bit of romance, a bit of paranormal, some speculative fiction. I hope you'll enjoy! Casting Lacy, 3,5★ An adorable take on a fake relationship set in Hollywood -- Quinn wants some help coming out to the world and her publicist sets up … Continue reading 2 SENTENCE REVIEWS pt.5


Hello Darlings! I probably need to post regular reviews more often but I'm still reading lots of audiobooks and such and I want to talk about them without overwhelming you or me. I like this new format so I'm glad you seem to do as well! Hurricane Season by Nicole Melleby, 5★ An amazing tale … Continue reading 2 SENTENCE REVIEWS pt.4


Hello Darlings! Somehow my 3rd part of 2 SENTENCE REVIEWS ended up being entirely m/m books. This was not planned and I guess it's partially because half of them are a part of one series -- I promise to be more varied with the rep next time! I enjoyed all those books but The Fever … Continue reading 2 SENTENCE REVIEWS pt.3


Hello Darlings! Here I am with the second part of my 2 SENTENCE REVIEWS!!  Honestly, with the pace I'm keeping this year this will be a longer series but that's good because I'm having fun with limiting myself to the short form!  The Brightsiders by Jen Wilde Super cheesy, super cute, and super queer. There … Continue reading 2 SENTENCE REVIEWS pt.2


Hello Darlings! So, (mostly) during my audiobook binge I read so many books and I haven't reviewed most of them. I decided to change that. But... In a managable way. With TWO SENTENCE REVIEWS!! Which will be a challenge and lots of commas because, let's be honest, me being concise? What a joke, right? Anyway! … Continue reading 2 SENTENCE REVIEWS pt.1

Mini Reviews: JAN 2020 Graphic Novels

Hello darlings! You may have noticed I haven't been posting lately and I'm sorry for that umprompted break but I had some personal stuff to deal with -- my brother had a surgery and my anxiety went into an override. He's okay and it wasn't anything super serious -- I'm just a chronic worrier. I … Continue reading Mini Reviews: JAN 2020 Graphic Novels

Mini Reviews: NG Hell Yes, Hell No, And Meh?

Hello y'all! Today I have some reviews of graphic novels I got from Net Galley lately!  Needless to say, I only enjoyed one of them... 🔖 Hotel Dare by Terry Blas, Claudia Aguirre | ★★★★,5 The many doors to finding a family. Hotel Dare is a story about the family of Dares -- related by blood … Continue reading Mini Reviews: NG Hell Yes, Hell No, And Meh?

Mini Reviews: Short fairy tale retellings

I joined the #RetellingAThon this month and I'm in the Fairy Tale team hosted by Sereadipity! I decided that this is a good time as any to post my old mini reviews of fairy tale retellings I read in the past and loved! Maybe other participants will find it of use and if not they're … Continue reading Mini Reviews: Short fairy tale retellings