November On Bloggosphere

Hello friends!

Last month I tried to include some of the posts I liked by other bloggers in my wrap up but I feel like by doing that I just made them unnecessarily long and thus those posts didn’t have enough spotlight.

So, when I saw Sofii making a separate monthly post where she highlights other bloggers I got inspired! 

This month I introduce sister posts to my Wrap Ups — On Bloggosphere.

I hope that by separating those I can show off more interesting posts I’ve found each month!

(click the pics for links!)

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copy-of-coffee-boy-by-austin-chant-2Amy @

Amy worked so hard on her Twitter tread of 2020 LGBTQ+ books and now she’s even cataloging them?? A true goddess! We don’t deserve her!!


Anniek @ Anniek’s Library and Recommendations: LGBTQ+ M/F Romance

Want to read some M/F but still make it queer?? Anniek has you covered!



Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books and MY BEST OF 2019 YA BOOKS

November has brought us the subject of bookish awards and Marie has given us an amazing post with awards for Diverse YA Books!! (And linked up to other posts on Diverse Books Awards so check those out as well πŸ‘€)


RAIN @ The Withering and What does it take to be a better blogger? //E V E R Y T H I N G//

Looking for someone to talk about the struggles of blogging while still leaving you powered up to do MORE and BETTER? Visit RAIN!


RAIN @ The Withering and The Mayfly Effect //Surviving the After-Effects of a Viral Post//

Visit RAIN as well if you want to talk about how to survive a post huge traction depression. She’s got you and it’s all okay.


Anniek @ Anniek’s Library and Why I Love Audiobooks, And Some Recommendations

Do you love audiobooks? Or maybe you want to finally get convinced to give them a chance? Visit Anniek and she’ll tell you what’s worth listening to!



Sarah @ Weaving Fiction and I TRIED READING EVERY MORNING.

Are you just not that motivated to read lately? Or maybe it’s just hard to find time? Sarah decided to wake up earlier and start a day with a book! Check out her post and maybe soon you’ll join her!


  • Are there any posts from November you would like to put on spotlight?
  • (Yes, yours count too)
  • How are liking the ones I shared?


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11 thoughts on “November On Bloggosphere

    1. Of course, Amy!! To be honest, half the reason is so I have it bookmarked so you can expect me linking up to your new releases series each month πŸ˜€ But also all those posts are amazing!! And I needed to share ❀


    1. Yes, it’s so important to support each other! Blogging is a social thing first and foremost! What’s even the point if we don’t show our appreciation? Thank you for inspiring me! ❀


  1. I really love this idea of spotlighting other bloggers on the blogosphere and I think I’m going to make it a weekly or bi-weekly goal starting next year. Great idea to make the spotlight into its own post too! I’ll definitely be checking some of these out (love the graphics as well)! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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