Review: Blackout by Kit Mallory // Or, the First Dystopia I Enjoyed in YEARS

★★★,5☆ |

This book is June’s Sapphic Book Club read hosted by @sapphicliterature.

Title: Blackout

Series: Blackout, #1

Author: Kit Malory

Publisher: self-published

Release Date: May 8th 2018

Pages: 350

Genres: Dystopia, YA, LGBT


The good:
★the characters are amazing. The whole trio is super lovable and they’re all individuals with fully fleshed out personalities. I’m gonna give them their own stars because…
★ Skyler ❤ every team needs a badass hacker.
★ Angel ❤ I love that she was both the killer AND the healer of the group.
★ Mackenzie ❤ he was my favourite because of the national stereotype thieves are always close to my heart.
★ the friendships. I just like people being friends? Friendships here were really well-written. Really. It made me want to be buddies with them and take down the government.
★ and the variety of relationships. I liked the whole net of connections between everyone. The good and the bad.
★ Mackenzie’s OCD. Until this book, I only saw the part with counting and repeating things and not the anxiety. this is usually where I say it’s great that people can learn from this and fix their misconceptions about mental health issues but this time I was that person. This time I learned something and it feels great to know that.
★ the location. It’s always refreshing to read something not US-centric?
★ how it ties to current events. I don’t usually enjoy dystopias but the way this one was presented really spoke to me on a this-is-what-I-fear-may-happen-to-us level.

The bad:
☆ the flashbacks. There was nothing signalling them and I was confused about the timeline way too many times.
☆ the main romantic relationship. I mean, I liked it? But it wasn’t 100% convincing somehow. I just felt it lacked something? But I’m not sure what and I won’t guess it now. It wasn’t exactly bad — I just expected something more.
☆ Skyler’s best friend’s arc. I just sometimes didn’t understand his reasoning and had a feeling that he just acted depending on what plot needed him to do and not like an actual human being with free will would?
☆ plot. Let’s just say it here that this is clearly character-driven story and some parts of the plot just didn’t make 100% sense here and there. It’s consistent enough I wasn’t SUPER bothered by it but you just need to not to overthink it at times and just keep reading.
why nobody is using solar energy?? or any renewable energy?? I get that the fuel is scarce but we could be living on renewable energy right now so what?? Did people just forget how it worked??

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