#Blogtober — Perfect Reading Nook 🍂

Hello to all! Are you participating in #blogtober? It’s a month of blog prompts organised by Anniek’s Library and The Library Looter!

October 4th is all about reading nooks! Do you have one?? Do you want to have one?? What would it look like??

🍂 Reading nook requirements

brown bed beside glass window

Ok, so I usually read in bed and my bed has been under window since forever so, of course, the window is the first requirement. I love having some visual to break the pace of the book and the sound of passing cars is in my blood lol.

Next, we have lots of pillows and blankets. I get cold all the time and you know that you can never find that right position when you read so pillows are super portable and make it easy to change up your space a little and be a bit comfier. A radiator to put my feet on would be cool as well! (Or, you know, warm)

As we estabilished yesterday, I’m a tea drinker so tea is an absolute necessity when reading for me. And some place to put it. I’m clumsy and I don’t want to spill any on my books lol.

Light! I get sleepy is semi-dark and the days are getting shorter so semi-dark is all we have now. Some cute lamp or a lightbox would be great then.

And I’m a millenial/gen z so a nearby charger station for my phone/ kindle/ laptop. Nothing worse than having to switch place just to charge your stuff.

What is your ideal reading nook? Or do you have one? Are you participating in #blogtober? Comment & share your links!


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7 thoughts on “#Blogtober — Perfect Reading Nook 🍂

  1. This is such a cute and great post! I love your tips! As far as background noise, I usually have my TV going – I’d like to listen to music as I read, but I end up singing along with the lyrics and get super distracted! LOL! Happy reading in your cozy nook!

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  2. Comfort is the top priority for when I’m reading: comfy clothes are the most ideal (and fluffy socks!), sat on my bed in the corner of many pillows with another blanket over the top.
    One tip I have (from one tea drinker to another), is getting just a plastic tray (I think mine is an old McDonald’s one…whoops!) and putting any food or drink on there. Super easy to clean if there’s any spills! And perfect to have the tea beside you instead of leaning across places.
    I also usually enjoy reading with some background noise, but it can’t be too loud and I’m super picky about it.

    Good luck with the rest of your #BlogTober, I’ve really enjoyed reading them the last few days!

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    1. Oh, fluffy socks are SO IMPORTANT!! Especially now in autumn/winter season! Being comfy is a MUST when reading!
      I have a table right next to my bed now so I put my tea there but before that, I also used a stool! A tray is such a great idea though! But I have zero spatial awareness and I’m afraid I would manage to knock it over anyway…
      Yes! Background noise can be so tricky! Choosing it is a menace…

      Thank you! I’m glad you’re having fun reading my posts 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Yvonne! Oh, kids can be so loud! They’re cute and stuff but still… so loud! Hope you can find some quiet moment to yourself once in a while! 🙂


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